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Music lifts our spirits, opens our hearts and harmonizes our body's systems. The right music and sounds can completely revitalize us, helping us to relax, heal and rejuvenate. As musicians touring with the biggest acts in the world for many years (Foo Fighters, P!nk, The Wallflowers), Rami Jaffee and I have long recognized the healing powers of music. 

While both Rami and I have been extremely blessed with our musical careers, we have also had a lot of difficulties and challenges on and off the road. Many years ago, in different ways, we began the journey within to find solace. This inward path united around music. I studied the science of sound and frequencies at UCLA and began applying different modalities to create ambient, healing music and Rami quickly became my main co-creator. We began to create music to help us relax and sleep, in lieu of drug and alcohol alternatives. We found it also helps to escape the constant chatter of the mind and with general well being. This led to the development of a unique approach to sound healing using traditional string instruments with specially tuned machines, synthesizers and effects, combined with powerful intentions to create a variety of flow states and assistance for healing and recovery. We are now donating all proceeds from our upcoming release Chakras Lumina to benefit mental health. We are also performing small ambient sound bath concerts locally. We both find deep joy in creating space for healing, turning down the volume and tuning into the sound waves of energy that eternally connect us. 

100% of the proceeds from this album benefit MusiCares

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